Ph. Borg Ltd is now also Malta's official Distributor for German Fuel Tank CEMO who specializes in mobile and stationary tanks of all sizes.
CemoThese are only two of many important attributes that characterise our work at CEMO and make us so different from other companies in this field. Thanks to our facilities in Weinstadt, Schnelldorf and France, we have been able to develop into one of the most important companies within Germany and abroad in this sector.

We operate as a manufacturer of GRP products and offer a comprehensive range of specialist products and services to a great number of industrial sectors. This includes services such as the CEMO Academy and practical advice.

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Our list of Products

CEMO tank systems for lubricants

CEMO tank systems for lubricants are available in different sizes for stationary and mobile usage. There are stationary tanks both for fresh and waste oil. Lubricant trolley and lubricant easy are able to bring up to 200 l fresh oil directly to your machine.
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AdBlue® / DEF / ARLA 32©

Modern vehicles with diesel engines must always maintain the higher pollutant limits. If you use a urea solution (AdBlue® / DEF / ARLA 32©) for NOx control, particularly fuel-efficient and clean units can be used in all kinds of vehicles.
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Heating Oil

Cemo diesel gas stations are available as stationary and mobile designs in a wide variety of sizes. With your own diesel gasoline station, you become independent of the service station network and can refuel around the clock.
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Cooking and Lighting Fuel

The requirements for the storage and transport of gasoline are comparable to those of diesel fuel; however, they are a bit more strict. The increased requirements are based on the higher water hazard class and the lower flash point.
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