Tuffa UK manufactures a range of fuel tanks for domestic, industrial and commercial markets. Plastic or steel options are available, along with fire protection options.
Tuffa TanksTuffa Tanks offers various fuel tank solutions. These include Oil, Diesel, Adblue and Petrol liquid storage solutions. Oil storage solutions that are manufactured include bunded oil tanks and waste oil storage. Bunded fire protected oil tanks are also offered as a solution. Diesel fuel tanks are manufactured as bunded fuel stations and are tailor made for Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial applications – all for the safe and responsible storage of Diesel. 

Options include standard, bespoke and economy options and are manufactured in plastic or steel.
The Adblue storage solutions are available in various capacities from 1350 litres up to 15000 litres and if interlinking, up to 100,000 litres.  The Adblue tanks provide a simple storage solution for anyone using Adblue in their vehicles.  When storing Adblue it is important to not let any foreign objects come into contact with the fluid, which will cause contamination and the temperature should not fall below -11 degrees celsius.

Tuffa also produces a petrol tank range.  This is available in capacities from 975 litres upwards.  The petrol tank is an above ground solution that is fireproofed. The unit is designed for installation at ground level, allowing gravity fed tanker delivery.  We can accommodate bespoke systems and these units are suitable for any industry.

Our list of Products

Gas oil 0.1% Sulphur

Our oil tanks lead the industry in innovation, technology, safety, and reliability. Our range is purpose-designed to include suitable oil storage options for homeowners, domestic properties, commercial businesses, and agriculture.
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Diesel EN590 Low Sulphur

Available as storage or dispensing tanks, capacities of our AdBlue tanks typically range from 1,350 litres up to 15,000 litres. In addition, we also provide dual compartment tanks in steel, so you can store AdBlue and diesel in one tank.
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Heating Oil

We offer diesel storage solutions including diesel dispensers, fire protected diesel dispensers, biodiesel dispensers, multi compartment dispensers and diesel bowsers.
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Cooking and Lighting Fuel

Perfect for businesses looking for a safe and reliable petrol storage solution. The tanks are manufactured from high-quality mild steel to deliver a service life in excess of 30 years.
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